Welcome to my Nympheas Dolls site. I am K6, or Sophie, if you would prefer to call me by my name.

I was born in 1983, and I spent my first seven years in my mother’s library shop, avidly flipping pages of books all day long, I also loved to spend my spare time drawing in the back room, and it is probably this period of my life that made me realize that I wanted to write, draw, and tell stories.

I studied graphic design. I was especially passionate about illustration, and I wanted a job where I could draw. I had the chance to make illustrations for Elle.fr, Vioo (Meetic) plural (Tf1) and others.
The company where I stayed the longest was called
Astrocentre; I was illustrating all their astrological products, especially tarot. I stayed there for six years until the company was sold, putting an end to my services there. I took advantage of my subsequent free time to suggest themes for books that I could write and illustrate for publishers’ youth markets. I was keen to create a cute and poetic universe, and that led to my creating my first ball-jointed doll (BJD), Nymphette.

I found a publisher in 2011, and I still continue to illustrate the books that I am proposing. I also create humorous illustrations for a magazine for future mothers, and I write about my pregnancy in parallel.

I have many other passions. I make short films and I’m part of a Kino association in my region, I also am passionate about martial arts, Kung Fu in particular. I enjoy practicing a little bit of everything, as I’m a big kid who loves to play. I love to write and organize murder mystery parties. I also love all kinds of role-playing games and board games

Now that you know more about me, I thank you very much for your attention and support.



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DOLLS Magazine (may 2016)
Ouest France (26/01/2017)













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