LDOLL 2020

Harmony Lilas

I am Sophie (k6), creator of Nympheas dolls.
I discovered the Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) in 2007
and when I realized that they were hand sculpted,
the idea of ​​designing one obsessed me.
Their smooth and refined texture, the quality of the details,
the aspect so alive when you look at them...
I was charmed.
In 2010, I found myself unemployed:
a wonderful opportunity to get my hands dirty!
A year later, my first model, Nymphette, was born.
I didn't yet dare to dream of making doll sculpture my main activity,
but his welcome was so encouraging that I took the plunge.
Nympheas Dolls was born in 2011.
Today, I have been doing this extraordinary and exciting job
for more than 10 years. I have created many models and I am still amazed by the loyal support of my customers for all these years. Thank you all.

Louis Sophie
Nympheas dolls's creator


Nympheas works by pre-order system. I organize about 3-4 a year for different models in a given shade. From time to time I offer unique models, that is to say sold in full set (complete outfit, handmade and unique makeup). Each pre-order is limited in time or quantity. Then you have to wait a few months, because a doll takes time to make... but that's also why we love them :)

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